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Non NHS Charges 2017

Fees for work carried out by doctors and nurses which is not covered by the NHS and, as such, is treated as a private service for patients.

Certificates and Forms

 Private Sick Note (First 7 days of illness)  £20.00
 Passport/driving License form/photograph  £30.00
 Holiday Cancellation Certificate  £50.00
 Fitness to Travel Certificate  £50.00
 Freedom from Infection Certification  £20.00
 Private Health Claim Form (e.g. BUPA/PPP)  £35.00
 School Fees Insurance Form  £35.00
 Health Club – Fitness to Exercise Form/Certificate  £30.00
Letter & Extract
 Adoption/Fostering  Report  £80.00
 Nationality Form  £25.00
 Dial-a-Ride  £30.00

Private Patients

e.g Overseas visitors who are not entitled to NHS Care

 Private Consultation with Nurse  £30.00
 Private Consultation with Doctor  £60.00
 Private Prescription  £15.00

Medical Examinations and Reports

 Medical Examinations and Reports  
 Pre-employment medical: LGV, PCV, Taxi Drive  £113.00
 Older Driver Fitness Certificate/Racing Driver Fitness Certificate  £113.00
 Fitness for Sport, Fitness to attend School, Seat Belt Exemption  £113.00
 Written Report and Examination  £140.00
 Comprehensive Examination and Report  £210.00
 Medical Reports:
Targeted Report
Pro forma Report with No Examination
Lasting Power of Attorney
Ofsted Child-minding
Further Information

Access to Medical Records

Access to Computerised Record £10.00
 Access to Paper Record or combination of Paper/Computer Records  £50.00
 Photocopying Charge  50p per sheet


All travel vaccine costs (including courses) require payment in full when the first dose is given. Vaccinations will not be given without full payment being made at first appointment.

 Private Prescription – Malaria  ONLY £10.00
 Yellow Fever  £65.00
 Meningitis ACWY (Over 5 Years)  £50.00
 Meningitis ACWY (Under 5 Years)  £60.00
 Hepatitis B Adult – (Course of 3 – price per dose) – NOT FOR WORK  £45.00
 Hepatitis B Child – (Course of 3 – price per dose)  £40.00
 Rabies (course of 3 – price per dose)  £75.00
 Japanese Encephalitis (course of 2 – price per dose)  £110.00
 Vaccination Certificate  £20.00

Payment can be made in the form of cash or cheque ONLY. Cheques are to be made payable to Morden Hall Medical Centre. All fees are payable at Reception and will be receipted.