Local Self-Help Contacts

Contraception Services

Walk-in family planning clinic. Young people welcome (including under 16s). Free and confidential help, information and advice. Contraceptives including pills, condoms and emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and referral for abortion. Also offers chlamydia screening. LARC can be discussed and administered.

Gettingiton – Merton Borough

MIAPT – Self-referral psychological therapies in Merton

The new mental health services will provide a wide range of treatment for people who are experiencing mild to moderate conditions including depression, anxiety, stress and low mood. The free and confidential treatment programmes will be available for any resident who is registered with a GP in the London Borough of Merton. People can either visit their GP to be referred or they can self-refer.

Tel: 020 3823 9063


Citizens Advice Bureau

You can pick up information, browse the internet, send emails and make phone calls and our Information Assistants are on hand if you need help. They are friendly, fully trained and really know their way around. It is their job to help you find and use what you need and you will also find them in your local library.

Tel: 0344 243 8430

Morden CAB

Termination of Pregnancy (self-referral) Mary Stopes

In many areas of the country we are able to see women under the NHS (free of charge). We do nor require a letter from your doctor or clinic.

Tel: 0345 300 8090

Alcoholics Anonymous

Tel: 020 8352 3001

Crisis Line (Mental Health)

Tel: 0800 028 8000


Just need to talk?

Here you’ll find info on a whole range of issues. Sometimes you can sort out a problem on your own. But if you have a worry you can’t cope with, don’t bottle it up. It can really help if you talk to someone in your family, a carer, one if your friends or maybe a teacher, or you can contact Childline at any time,

Tel: 0800 1111


Drug Addiction Support

If you think you’re struggling with a drug addiction visit either of the websites below for non-judgmental facts and advice about everything from club drugs to legal highs.



Household Quotes

Information on Benefits and Grants available for OAP’s.